Sidewalks For All Demonstration at Toronto City Hall

November 29, 2017 at 12:30pm–1:30pm (Eastern Time)

Toronto City Hall

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Over the course of next few weeks, a core team of organizers will be working hard to mobilize widespread public support for accessible sidewalks, as well as engage City Councillors leading up to a crucial Committee vote on December 4.

Increasing the walkability and accessibility of Toronto's streets and sidewalks is a City priority. Toronto's commitment to being a Barrier Free City means sidewalks must be accessible to all. It is important that all residents are able to participate fully in the community, regardless of their abilities. This campaign has been formally endorsed by the City of Toronto's Accessibility Advisory Committee.

On November 29 at 12:30pm, show City Council that we need a 2.1 minimum clearway! We need to demonstrate widespread support!

People with mobility devices, wheelchairs, and walking with caregivers, guide dogs, shopping bags or children in large strollers deserve the right to move safely on our city sidewalks.

The needs of all people who walk on Toronto’s sidewalks would be best served if Toronto were to adopt a minimum Staff recommendations for an essentially straight, continuous Pedestrian Clearway of at least 2.1 metres.

The City of Toronto Licensing and Standards and Public Works and Infrastructure Committees are meeting on December 4, 2017 to vote on proposed changes to Patio and Marketing Bylaws that would require phased-in implementation of Pedestrian Clearways, city-wide. This vote will have a huge impact on the walkability of Toronto's city sidewalks and on people who face accessibility challenges.

Yin, Chair of the Toronto Accessibility Advisory Committee, says...

Navigating city streets with a disability can be incredibly challenging. We need wider sidewalks that will serve the needs of all our residents. I've even asked a friend to take a video of what it's like for me to walk on a busy street. I hope that City Council will stand up for all residents.

Lisa Brody Hoffman ·

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