Statement on Pride Toronto and the Toronto Police

Statement on Pride Toronto and the Toronto Police

February 10, 2017

Pride Toronto recently made the decision to remove Toronto Police floats and booths from Pride Month in 2017. The decision was taken at the Pride Toronto Annual General Meeting, along with the election of several new board members. The decision does not come without concerns and in the near future we most likely will be faced with a recurring challenge – a threat to revoke the City of Toronto's funding for the festival.

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Understanding an MPAC Property Assessment

About MPAC 

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is an independent corporation and carried out the assessment and classifications of all properties, as mandated by the Government of Ontario. Every four years, MPAC updates properties' assessed values. The most recent valuation was completed for January 1, 2016.

MPAC is one of the most important bodies in establishing how much taxes property owners pay each year. While the City of Toronto establishes a rate annually, the value that rate is applied to, is determined by MPAC. Consequently, a home that is valued at a new, lower rate, by MPAC may pay less in taxes, even when municipal property tax rate in increased. Conversely, a rise in the municipal property tax rate may be inflated significantly in total dollar amounts by MPAC assessing a property at a new, higher value.

If you have concerns or questions about the assessed value of your property, there are several steps you can take.

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Have a Heart and Stop the Cuts


Tell the Mayor and City Council to have a heart AND STOP THE CUTS!

• Invest in transit, housing, recreation and childcare
• Reduce waitlists for affordable services
• Open the Armories for emergency shelter
• Fully fund action on climate change
• Support good jobs in our communities


Wednesday, February 15
9:00 am at City Hall
- Wear red -


Call 3-1-1 today to urge Mayor Tory and your Councillor to pass a fair budget.


Don’t forget to tweet your City Councillor:


See here for flyer.

For more information contact Susan Kwong: skwong@socialplanningtoronto.org or 416-562-8110


A Commitment2Community Coalition Campaign


Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam to host Toronto's First Gender Equity - Budget Town Hall


Media Advisory

Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam is partnering with the Toronto Women's City Alliance, Women's Habitat of Etobicoke, Social Planning Toronto, The 519, and the Women Abuse Council of Toronto to present Toronto's first public forum on Gender-Responsive Budgeting. The event will include panel speakers and a presentation on the 2017 Budget and the City's Long-Term Fiscal Plan review.


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The 2017 Toronto Budget is failing women and families



January 10, 2017

The 2017 Toronto Budget is failing women and families

This morning, a diverse group of women gathered outside of the City of Toronto Budget Committee meeting to demand gender equity in the City of Toronto Budget. Women shared their personal experiences of how the City of Toronto is failing them and their families.

In July, 2016 City staff were directed by City Council to incorporate a gender equity perspective into the 2017 Budget. The objective is to ensuring equitable access to services and economic opportunities and to create a more open and transparent budget process. The proposed budget includes disproportionate increases to user fees for public sector services used primarily by women and families; and service cuts that will hurt low-income women across the City. 

Long-time child care advocate Jane Mercer remarks, "The City of Toronto already has the highest child care fees in the Country.  Proposed fee increases & cuts to subsidies will create devastating hardship for families and force women to leave work. This runs contrary to the Poverty Reduction Strategy, a policy that Mayor Tory claims in a priority issue for him. At the Toronto Coalition for Better Childcare, we say prove it."

Terri-Lynn Langdon, a member of the City of Toronto's Disability, Access & Inclusion Advisory Committee said, "59% of women living with disAbilities are living in poverty. I am a disabled Woman. These poverty rates are directly tied to the lack of affordable and accessible housing in Toronto. Women's shelters, are at 100% capacity forcing women to stay in violent and unsafe situations because the City has not invested in affordable housing. This is a particular challenge for women with disabilities, as many shelters remain inaccessible and without needed attendant care services.

Akio Maroon, mother and activist said, "Toronto currently has the lowest property taxes in the GTA and it's being subsidized on the backs of women living in poverty and working families through harsh services cuts and unaffordable user fees. Residents expect City Council to honour their commitments to poverty reduction. This is irresponsible and unacceptable."

City Council will vote on the Budget at its February 2017 meeting.  


For more information, please visit http://www.twca.ca/to-budget/ or contact:  

Doly Begum, doly.begum@toronto.ca; cell: 416-937-8072