Please be advised the correct date for this event is Friday, March 24, 2017 (previously listed as March 28) from 8:30 am to 10:30 am, at Metro Hall, 55 John Street, Room 308.



Notice of Community Open House

Mary Sheffield House – 512 Jarvis Street
March 27, 2017
6:30 - 9:00 p.m.

Fred Victor is pleased to invite you to attend a Community Open House to discuss a forthcoming Minor Variance Application to facilitate the operation of the ‘Mary Sheffield House’, a transitional residence for women 55 years of age and older who have experienced social isolation due to absence of family support, homelessness, poverty, and physical and mental health difficulties. The Mary Sheffield House will provide specialized care coordination and case management for residents as well as social and recreational programming. Staff will be on-site 24/7.

Existing zoning permits 12 beds within a ‘Rooming House’. The contemplated Minor Variance Application will introduce additional beds to support clients referred to the program from the City of Toronto’s emergency shelter system. The goal of the Mary Sheffield House will be to support older women in their transition into long-term permanent housing or care.


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Wheel-Trans Public Meetings


See below for a message from Toronto Transit Commission


TTC will be hosting another round of consultations in April to update current and prospective customers on the Wheel-Trans 10-Year Strategy. 

Participants will be provided details on the recently implemented Wheel-Trans eligibility and policy changes as well as information on the Family of Services Pilot Program, Mobility Transfer Hubs and the proposed Community Bus Routes.

The presentation will be followed by a question and answer period and an opportunity to provide input on each of these initiatives.

Click here for more information on the public meetings, or visit the website here


MLSE Launchpad Sport Programs


See below for a message from MLSE Launchpad:


  • MLSE LaunchPad offers a wide range of weekly instructional and recreational activities that encourage skill development, increased physical activity, and promote the enjoyment of sport for youth facing barriers.
  • Registration opens for all sport programs on Feb 27th at 3pm at MLSE LaunchPad (259 Jarvis St.).
  • All programs will begin the week of March 20th and are offered at no cost. 
  • Click here to see the full list of sport programs - be sure to sign up early as space is limited.
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Statement on Recent Racial and Religious Intolerance in Ward 27

Councillor Wong-Tam stands against hatred of any kind in our city. The targeting of any race or religion for persecution is not acceptable in Canada.

Last week, Councillor Wong-Tam became aware of a protest a short block from her office where protesters were calling for the banning of a religion. As an unequivocal supporter of the Canadian values of pluralism and inclusivity, she took issue with those calling for this kind of oppression and creating a hostile environment for those exercising their religious traditions. Subsequently, she was also informed of videos online showing hateful, anti-Semitic speeches.

The quotes shared online and attributed to speakers at Masjid Toronto are disturbing and the Councillor absolutely stands against the targeting of members of the Jewish faith. It is unfortunate that this information has only been made available more recently, but Councillor Wong-Tam is confident local authorities will be able to respond to the investigation requests, independently translate and verify the content of all hate videos that have been posted to YouTube. Unfortunately, the Toronto Sun did not include a video on its page, which makes it difficult for a local Councillor to investigate the matter. As the Councillor is unable to verify the content of these videos, she trusts that the Toronto Police Service will dutifully investigate the details, translate, authenticate their contents, and respond appropriately to any and all complaints registered.

Recent targeting of the Jewish community in Toronto and elsewhere in North America is deeply disturbing. The toppling and desecration of Jewish graves, the vandalizing of mezuzahs and racist graffiti in Willowdale, and anonymous threats sent to various Jewish community centers are serious offences. These hateful acts are below us as a civil society and the dehumanizing mindset of the perpetrators must be challenged.

While bill M-103 is federal, Councillor Wong-Tam believes that it is an important and a reasoned initiative. Recent events have demonstrated there are existential hate-based threats to Muslim Canadians. While Islamophobia is named, specifically, the bill calls for the condemnation and reduction of all forms of racism and religious discrimination, all while reflecting the Constitution Acts, including the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Charter is a bedrock component of Canadian values and pluralism and the Councillor trusts that civil society and the legal system is as interested in maintaining those rights and freedoms as MP Khalid was in naming them. As Mayor Tory said on Twitter, M103 is a motion which "denounces all acts of hatred towards our Muslim citizens" and it will help ensure the safety of Muslims in our city.